ryan and ashley wagner.pngDuring the days when CyberNet was a hobby for Ryan and I, there was an excitement to reporting on the the latest tech news, for fun. Once we graduated college and made CyberNet our full-time job, some of that excitement seemed to disappear. Don’t get us wrong, we have enjoyed nearly every minute of what we have done with CyberNet, and it has been one heck of a ride, but when something goes from being a hobby to something that you have to do, things change a bit.

Today we wanted to let you know that there will be some changes here at CyberNet. Ryan and I are going to be transitioning away (starting today) from working on the site full-time like we currently do, to once again making it a hobby. That’s what it originally was when Ryan started the site back in December, 2005. We are excited that CyberNet will be a hobby again, something that we can do for fun instead of something we have to do. What this means is that the writing schedule many of you have gotten used to will change.

First, our featured CyberNotes articles that post every day will no longer be an everyday thing. This is primarily because each article usually takes at least three hours to put together. We’ve also been having a hard time coming up with topics for these articles because, after all, we’ve already written over 700 of them! When we think of something interesting that could be turned into a CyberNotes, we’ll write about it. Some weeks there may be a few, other weeks there may be none. Remember, there’s the classic CyberNotes feed that you can subscribe to so that you can catch-up on previous CyberNotes that we have written.

Next, our regular daily writing schedule will change as well. Right now we post about 8 articles each day and it’s pretty consistent from one day to the next as far as a time schedule goes. We aren’t really going to be on a set schedule anymore. Many of the “news” items we’ll cover in Wrap-Ups, so actual articles will primarily consist of tips. Also, Daily Downloads won’t exactly be “daily” anymore. Those will post about once a week or so. On the bright side for you, there will be less to read which will make it easier for you to keep-up. :)

So now some of you are probably wondering what we’ll be spending our days doing. Ryan has never been one to enjoy writing. Funny, isn’t it? He’s become a much better writer and communicator since starting this site, that’s for sure, but he went to school for computer engineering and misses that type of work, so that’s what he will be doing. As for me, my background is in education, and I miss it as well, so I will be returning to teaching.

In a nutshell, we’re not packing up and leaving CyberNet, we couldn’t do that. CyberNet and the people we have met through this site mean a lot to us. We wouldn’t be able to just walk away from something we have put so much time and effort into. Things will just be a little different and we won’t be reporting on as much as we do now.

As always, a HUGE thanks to all of you who have made us what we are today. Without readers, we’d be nothing. CyberNet started out with absolutely no readers and gradually grew to where we stand today with over 8,500 RSS subscribers and thousands of others who visit the site daily. Many of you have helped create the awesome community we have today. To ALL of you, a big thanks goes out!

Photo: Ryan and I with Ryan being unruly on a train ride down to Chicago :)