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Earlier this year we wrote about two different solutions that could be used to backup your Firefox profile, but it’s possible that you aren’t looking to back everything up. One of the areas that is extremely valuable to most Firefox users is the extensions, and some of them really take awhile to get configured just the way you like them.

Don’t worry, the same developer who created the FEBE extension for backing up your Firefox profile has also created an extension for saving only extension preferences. The Ordered Preference Import/Export (OPIE) extension will present you with an intuitive interface for selectively saving preferences in any of the extensions that are installed in the browser.

One reason that I really like this is that it’s now a bit easier to wipe out your Firefox profile and start fresh. With OPIE you can only restore the settings for the extensions that you plan on reinstalling, and leave behind the additional clutter. Believe it or not your preferences are normally not removed when you uninstall an extension, and so I always like to start with a fresh profile (after backing up my bookmarks of course) every few months.

OPIE Homepage
Kudos to Mark for the tip!