Trying to impress your friends by displaying your photos in ways they have never seen before? If you are a Flickr user you are just a few clicks away from having a professional looking slideshow that just about everyone will love.

Splashr is the site that will do the dirty work and generate the great looking gallery like I have pictured in the screenshot. You can have it display images by user or by tags (the tag I used was computer). After you have made that decision you’ll pick how many pictures you want it to show and what kind of gallery you would like. I used the “Reflector Film Strip” but there are several others including ones that look like typical HTML galleries.

After it is finished generating the gallery Splashr will let you embed it on your own site by providing the necessary code. You can also email it directly to a friend using a link that they give you. This is a great way for anyone to share their images without having to dive deep into the realms of HTML.