A couple of days ago, Flickr released their new and improved Flickr slideshows. Lots of people like to share their photos these days and in the past we have written about third party services you could use to create slideshows to embed on your blogs and websites because this wasn’t something Flickr had available to their users. Now there’s no need to leave Flickr to create slideshows because not only can you create and embed them on your site, but you can also incorporate video into them.

The main improvements with this launch include:

  1. Slideshows are embeddable
  2. Option to view slideshows full-screen
  3. Watch videos in your slideshow as they appear, they will automatically start playing

Once you are done creating your slideshow, you can click the “share” button that you’ll find in the upper right corner. From there your options will be to copy the URL for the slideshow to your clipboard to send directly to someone, or you can get the HTML code that you need to embed the slideshow on your site.

flickr slideshow.png

If you’d like to see how this all works, they have an example over on the Flickr blog. The example they use has a good amount of photos and video, and from watching it, the transitions between viewing photos and watching videos was seamless. Videos automatically start playing and when they finish, either the next video begins right away or a photo displays.