Increase Your Laptops Battery Life

One of the biggest complaint laptop users always have is that their battery never lasts long enough. Well, hopefully this fix from Microsoft will help push your battery to last a little longer. The patch will help fix those computers that will not cut off power to the USB ports even when nothing is plugged into them, therefore draining power from your battery when it is not needed.

Microsoft explains that there are various reasons why that would occur. If this does happen on your laptop then you will notice an increase in your battery life. However, not every computer will have this problem so it may or may not help you, but it can’t hurt anything to install the patch.

You will need to have Windows XP SP2 installed in order to apply the patch. After you have completed the installation process you will be prompted to restart your computer. Okay, so cross your fingers and go download it (that is a direct link with no validation required).

News Source: Download Squad