Anyone that has ever built a computer knows what a time consuming process it can be to find and price out all of the different parts that you need. The PC Incubator site wants to help ease the burden of finding the best parts by laying them all out in an easy-to-configure fashion.

Once you visit the site the first thing that you’ll notice is that all of the products listed on the page come directly from Newegg. They pull in the top three parts from each of the categories, and then you can go through selecting which ones you actually want. When you’re done configuring your custom built computer you can see the total price in the right column, and then adding all of the items to your Newegg cart takes just one more click.

One of the more useful aspects of the site would be the price history aggregation which pulls in price data for each of the items so that you can see if the price might go down. A good example I found was with a Logitech Speaker system. I had taken this screenshot on July 10th, and as you can see the price on the previous day was $15 less which means I might want to hold out on the purchase:

incubator history.jpg

I think the site is very well laid out, and it almost feels like you’re configuring a computer at Dell. The only difference is that you’ll be getting all of the individual parts so that you can build your own PC.

The only thing that I don’t like about Incubator is that it only retrieves the top three items in each of the different categories. Clicking on a “See more” link just takes you to the Newegg site, which means you’ll no longer have access to things like the price history. If you’re looking to purchase the most popular items, however, this can be a handy little tool.

PC Incubator Homepage
Thanks Jeremy!