There’s been a lot of Harry Potter craziness going on, particularly when Harry Potter made it to BitTorrent a few days before its grand release. Then of course there was the hoopla over at The Pirate Bay with their “Torrent on Fire” logo after they were accused that they facilitated in the distribution of pre-released copies of the book. All of this craziness started because someone sat there and photographed each individual page in the book and posted it to the Internet. What the photographer didn’t realize is that they left fingerprints behind, and now there’s a chance they’ll get caught.

According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, using an open-source tool, anybody who had the images could figure out the serial number of the camera along with other information like the settings that were used, and the date and time the photos were taken. The serial number will be the most important piece of information because if the user registered a warranty, a name and address will go along with it as well.

The camera used was a Canon Rebel 300DE, so you can bet someone has already been in contact with Canon to try and identify the owner of the camera. EFF also points out that many camera manuals explain that they embed this information, so it’s definitely no secret.Just think, when GPS becomes a popular feature on cameras, will photos have a location embedded in them as well?