DellkioskAny time I’ve gone out to purchase a laptop, I’ve consider my options carefully and looked around to find out what promotions were going on. I don’t know about you, but I always want the best bang for my buck. If you’re going to be purchasing a Dell computer, below you’ll find some “insider tips” that might help you save some money.  They come from the Consumerists article titled “22 Confessions of a Former Dell Sales Manager.” A former Dell kiosk manager was kind enough to share these tips with them, and I thought a few were worth passing on to you.

He wrote to them saying:

I am a former Spherion rep that later became a Dell Branded Rep (manager) of a Dell kiosk in the Philadelphia, PA region. To work at one is to work at all, and I worked at four different kiosks in the region. I worked from July 2005 until October 2006, but keep regular contact with some of the guys I trained and brought up. Other than the usual complaints, I have no problem with the company.

And then he offered tips and broke them down into things most people probably know, and things they may not know. You can read all 22 tips over at the Consumerist, but I’ll point-out a few here:

  1. Small business is better than home and office – I can vouch for this one! When I configured my laptop under the home/home office category versus the business, there was a significant difference. For my particular configuration, it was about a $300 difference with the promotion that I used.
  2. Tech Support over the phone – This is one that I was not aware of. If you purchase a computer through home/home office, the tech support is outsourced. Meaning, if you purchase from the business category, you’ll be able to easily understand what’s being said when you have a question that needs to be answered.
  3. Promotion styles/cycles – Good info to know! Thursdays are the first days of new promotions. Holiday weekends are also good times to check for special sales. They also vary in the type of promotion such as one week an offer for a percentage off, and another week an offer for cash off.
  4. Price Match – Say you purchase your computer one day, and the next day the price goes down, all you have to do is call and you will receive a price match.
  5. Fiscal Calendar – When is the best time to buy? Well, if you can hold off until the end of January or February when their fiscal year ends, you’ll probably find yourself a great deal. Another important thing to note is that shipping will be free or deeply-discounted if you purchase on the last day of a quarter.

Those were five that I found really interesting but really, if you plan on purchasing a Dell computer, they all could be helpful. Especially if you are going to purchase from one of those Kiosks in the mall, the ex-employee offers special tips just for that. Example: Sales reps have a $$ goal for each transaction, or in other words, they’re going to push you to upgrade and purchase accessories. If you’re going to purchase there, learn to say no before you go.

If you work or have worked at a Dell kiosk, feel free to chime in with additional tips! Beginner computer buyers, this list should come in handy for you. The one thing to always keep in mind is never pay full price for a Dell computer because there is always some kind of promotion going on that will save you money.