lightbulb.pngThink Geek has been known to come up with some great April Fools products to sell on their site. Back in 2006 on April Fools Day they came up with “Wireless Extension Cords” (wireless power) to sell and under the “Availability” section of the page, they put “no suing.” It was clearly a joke to some, but to others like Computer Power User Magazine, they thought it was real. The thought of wireless power is interesting, that’s for sure, and while it was a joke back then, we may be seeing something like it in the future.

Just yesterday, Intel was able to give a presentation showing new technology that they have developed that will allow electricity to be sent wirelessly. To show-off their technology, they sent power, wirelessly, to a 60 watt bulb that they had on the stage. They said that a 60 watt bulb takes more power than a typical laptop computer so essentially, people could potentially be able to power their laptops wirelessly in the future.

One of the first questions we had was in regards to safety. As it turns out, there really aren’t too many safety concerns because Intel uses the magnetic field to transmit energy and not the electric field.

Analyst Rob Enderle talked about Intel’s power system saying, “Initially it eliminates chargers and eventually it eliminates batteries all together. That is potentially a world changing event. This is the closest we’ve had to something being commercially available in this class.”