Intelligent Windows Tint Themselves

On those hot summer days it is always nice to get a little shade and tinting your windows is normally the best way to do that. With a special kind of window from Velux you can tint your windows when you want to at the flick of a button. Even better is that you can setup the windows to tint themselves! The windows use a process called electrochromism which turns a material in the window dark when an electrical current is applied. This technology has actually been used for years in cars, but not for windows instead it has been used to automatically tint your rear-view mirror. People with skylights will especially find this useful because they will now be able to avoid the sun beating down on them in the middle of the afternoon. The manufacturer says “[I]t takes less electricity to operate a house full of SageGlass products than to operate a single 40-watt light bulb.” How about that for cost effective. News Source: Treehugger