AmdIt was no surprise that AMD posted a loss for the first quarter. However, their loss was quite a bit more than expected– $611 million. There are plenty of factors that contribute to this loss, but I think Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor definitely could have contributed to it.

There’s no doubt that right now, Intel’s Core 2 Duo is the leader in processing power when compared to what AMD currently offers, but it doesn’t mean that it will last. Part of this loss was said to be attributed to the recent price wars with Intel.

I’ve previously been a fan of AMD, but I recently made the switch to Intel’s Core 2 Duo– it was too good to pass on. Hopefully AMD will be able to bring themselves out of this slump and return once again to the green with something to compete with their competitors. Now that they’ve got ATI on board, hopefully that too will push them in the right direction financially.

Any AMD fans out there? What do you think of this big loss? Can they pull themselves out?

Source: Computer World