Have you ever been sitting in the train station bored out of your mind? Well, this is a simple solution for that. The video above is a good demonstration of advertisements that will probably become more prominent over time.

There are several different advertisements that you will see while watching the video. They cleverly interact with people as they are stepped on. The advertisement for orange juice (about 30 seconds into the video) shows a ripple effect on the image which makes it look like someone stepped in a puddle. After about 1 minute and 20 seconds you will see an advertisement where people kick around blocks on the ad.

While this may not intrigue you that much it definitely catches the attention of young children. While watching the movie you will see several children walking over the advertisements on purpose because they think it is fun. It wouldn’t surprise me if we started to see these popping up in department stores around the toy aisles.

News Source: TechEBlog