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AllPeers is a Firefox extension that will let you share files with friends by using a simple buddy list. You get to choose which files and folders you want to share with each person on the list and the whole transfer process is based on the BitTorrent network. I have to admit that it does look pretty sweet!

TechCrunch is saying that the time is drawing for them to open their doors to a public beta. More important is that AllPeers is giving away immediate access accounts (invites) to try out the extension on the TechCrunch site. All you have to do is leave a comment with your email address in the message field. It was originally only 50 invites being given out but they have since upped it to 300! There are still over 100 left.

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  1. I heard about this extension several months ago and signed up for an invite (on I got invited 2 days ago and got an invite so I could test out the extension between my PC and laptop. I must say, it’s a wonderful extension, except that it doesn’t cooperate with the NoScript extension. When I disabled NoScript, AllPeers worked great. The transfer worked very well. The transfer rate wasn’t too slow. The only thing I don’t like about the extension other the incompatibility issue is that whenever I open Firefox, AllPeers automatically connects to its network, and sometimes I may not want that. But the creators assured me they’re working on it. :D

    Can’t wait until the extension is released so I could send it to all my technologically-challenged friends.

  2. I haven’t received the invitation from yesterday yet but I think it will be fun to test out. Sounds like it works pretty well!


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