As expected the Best Buy consumer electronics retail chain will start selling the iPhone 3G tomorrow. They are really boasting the reduced cost of the phone with the 8GB model starting at $199 and the 16GB starting at $299. To make this seem like even more of an unbelievable deal they are stating that the regular prices are $599 and $699 respectively.

Best Buy probably isn’t making much off of selling the actual devices, and so they are pushing accessory packs that range in price from $105 to $233. These include things like screen protectors/cases, Bluetooth headsets, FM transmitters, and more:

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best buy iphone 3g cover.jpg best buy iphone 3g.jpg

If you do decide to splurge on an accessory pack the Geek Squad will even throw in free phone and email setup! That’s kinda funny considering that both AT&T and Apple stores would gladly help you setup those things without forcing you to buy any accessories.

I wonder if there will be people lining up at Best Buy stores come Sunday to grab one of these handsome devices… especially when most Apple stores have all of the various models in stock? Granted that’s assuming you have an Apple store nearby.

Thanks Jason!