It was the 4th of July here in the United States on Friday, and most people found themselves gathering with friends and family to watch fireworks or BBQ. Not watching fireworks was a family of 3 people (later joined by about 7 more people) who decided that they were going to start the iPhone 3G line outside of the 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York a whole one week ahead of the launch. Their reason? To set a record for the longest time someone has waited in line.

When we mentioned it was a “family,” we forgot to mention the fact that it was a man, his wife and their baby daughter who is 6 months old. Our first thought was that it was insane to keep a baby outside for an entire week but as it turns out, the baby went home on Friday. Some of the other 10 people who were in line ended up going home too, but a line still remains. Other thoughts we had were:

  • “a whole week early, seriously?”
  • taking a week off of work for it, is this necessary?
  • how long will the line be by next Friday?
  • how will they feel after sitting in a line for an entire week when they see others walk in and get the same phone on the day of the launch, without needing to waste a whole week of their lives in a line?

iPhone 3G Line.png

Then of course there’s Greg Packer who’s gotta be furious. He’s the guy that has been labeled a “professional line sitter” because his hobby is to always be the first in line. Last year he was first in line to buy the original iPhone at the Fifth Avenue store in New York. He got there about 4 1/2 days ahead of launch on Monday June 25, 2007 at 5 AM. The iPhone launched at 6PM on June 29th. Now he’s going to have to find another Apple store without a line so he can still be first.

While we intend to buy the iPhone 3G, there’s no way we’d be standing in a line a whole week before it launched. In fact, there’s no way we’d stand in a line for anything for a whole week, unless… the Cubs went to the World Series! Anyway, there’s nothing else we can say about the folks standing in line, other than they’ve got to be a little iCrazy or iNsane.

Source (including image): Engadget