Apple attApple stocks are suffering today with the announcement that “only” 146,000 iPhones were activated in the first two days of sales which happened to be the last two days of Apple’s 2nd quarter. While 146,000 sounds like a reasonable number to me, given the cost and the baggage that comes along with the purchase (e.g., 2 year agreement), analysts had projected the number of activations to be as high as 500,000 phones. Big difference there, wouldn’t you say?

Stocks aside, I had been wondering what kind of money Apple would be receiving as part of Apple and AT&T’s revenue sharing agreement. Of course neither party is going to disclose that kind of information, however analysts have put their two cents in and have come up with an educated estimate: If analyst Gene Munster is correct, AT&T is paying Apple $3 per month for any AT&T customer who had been with AT&T prior to the iPhone and up to $11 per month for any new subscriber.

While that may not sounds like THAT much, just think about how those numbers multiply by the number of phones sold and the 24 months that each customer is guaranteed to spend with AT&T. Not too bad, right?

Sources: SeekingAlpha and MarketWatch