It’s going to be a slow news day today, folks. Everybody is caught up with the iPhone, and as as result, well, the only news out there is about the iPhone. Here’s CyberNet’s very last iPhone news round-up.

All for one, one for all:

StevejobsimageSteve Jobs put on his Santa hat yesterday during a Town-Hall meeting with Apple employees to tell them that every single full-time U.S. employee and any part-time employee that has been with Apple for a year would be receiving a brand new 8GB iPhone!

I liked Engadget’s title, “Jobs pulls an Oprah.” In their article, they point out that Apple has over 17,000 employees, so that’s a total of over $12,091,414 (retail price) that Jobs just forked out for his employees. I bet those temp employees who haven’t been there are year are feeling a little left out today.

Thanks for the tip Oliver!

EDGE speeds improving?

On Wednesday when the first big reviews came out, the one thing that was said was that the Edge Internet on the iPhone is “excruciatingly slow.” Current AT&T customers who have been using the EDGE Internet have been reporting “dramatic increases in throughput” over the last day.

Engadget got an EDGE handset to run their own tests and while they said it was inconsistent, they did manage to get some speed tests that ran over 200kpbs. For the sake of all the soon-to-be iPhone owners, hopefully those speeds keep up!

Google Reader on iPhone, cool!

A developer decided he wanted to come up with a solution for those who wanted to use Google reader on their iPhone. Just follow these steps if you’d like Google Reader on your phone:

  1. Visit his site and drag the bookmarklet into Safari 3
  2. Visit Google Reader and click on the bookmarklet
  3. The look now changes using Javascript so that you have an iPhone-sized interface.

Source: Mashable

Full Resolution iPhone Interface Images

If by chance you’re not standing in line somewhere and you’d like to get an idea of what the iPhone interface looks like, ThinkSecret has some great full resolution interface shots.

Iphoneinterface Iphoneinterface2

That’s all for today! Come 6 PM, the iPhone will finally have a chance to prove whether it was worth all the hype, and the money. If it’s successful, it could really change the cellphone industry as we know it today. Happy iDay (as the day has been labeled by Apple fans)!