IphonereviewiDay has come and gone, and analysts are estimating that 500,000 iPhones were sold over the weekend (they were only predicted to sell 200,00). And with a survey indicating that 95% of buyers purchased the more expensive 8GB model, Apple brought in at least $297 Million! This reminds me of the Monday morning Box Office stats that are announced saying what the top movies grossed.

Anyhow, after a weekend to play, iPhone owners are talking about some of their initial thoughts and impressions with the phone. There are also many videos out there that give you an idea of what an iPhone experience is like. This article will just be a compilation of some of those videos and reviews from around the web.

Reviews/Initial Thoughts

—No 64–bit Vista Support—

Keep in mind is that the iPhone won’t work on 64–bit Windows, something that Rick Brewster from Paint.Net found out. He says that this fact isn’t listed on the box, but is hidden “deep within some random support document.”

His thoughts on the situation? “Way to go Apple! How hard could 64–bit support possibly be for a launch as big as this?”

—Words cannot describe it….—

An enthusiastic David Chartier over at Tuaw has plenty of first impressions with one of them being “words cannot describe how incredibly wonderful this thing feels to touch and hold.  It is an absolute marvel on engineering. Gorgeous in every way.”’

He also comments on YouTube videos taking longer than advertised to buffer and begin playing, and that Google maps is “surprisingly responsive, even over EDGE.”

Chartier also points out what many of you have probably already heard and that is that users were having some activation problems over the weekend. Apple explained that they were taking care of these situations on an individual basis, but the situation should be improving.

—Other Reactions—

  • EDGE not THAT slow, it’s not WiFi but it’s acceptable
  • Accessories readily available including rubber and leather cases
  • UI is snappy!



Gizmodo put typing to the test (here and here)! McGlynn says that on his first “outing, it took me a while just to type a simple text message.” But he followed with a new trick that he realized gave him accuracy of about 99%.  He says that instead of hunting and pecking, to try and slide your finger around in place because it will display the letter that you’re over, and when you are sure that you’re on the right letter, you can just release your finger.

Videos worth checking out!

There are a few videos worth checking out:

  1. Engadget puts together a very complete video, an iPhone Interface Walkthrough, that gives you a great idea of what an iPhone experience is like. You’ll also witness Safari crashing (Video).
  2. As mentioned above, Gizmodo put typing to the test! Get an idea of what it might take you to get used to typing on an iPhone (Video). You can also view their follow-up advice (Video).

For those of you who bought an iPhone, what are your first impressions?