iphone number 1 In under a year Apple has been able to fill a void in the mobile browser market that apparently few other devices can live up to. The iPhone is often criticized for having the slow Edge network wireless chipset in it, but regardless there are new reports that it has become the most used mobile browser for Internet access in the United States. Second place goes to Nokia’s Symbian OS, who also holds the number one spot on a global basis (iPhone is number 2 globally).

This really leaves you wondering how the iPhone will come out globally as it expands its reach. Not only that but there has also been a lot of buzz about the 3G iPhone being released in the next few months. Just today more news was found in regards to the 3G chipset being used in the next iPhone, and faster Internet access would likely mean even more mobile browsing.

Being an iPhone owner myself I can say that it’s one of the only mobile devices that make browsing the Internet easy. Most of the time I’m within reach of a Wi-Fi network so it’s not often that I’m plagued with using the painfully slow Edge network. I used to be a faithful Pocket PC user, but I can easily say that the iPhone’s Safari browser is way better than Pocket Internet Explorer on Windows Mobile!

[images via Compuserve and Mobilewhack]
Thanks to Omar for the tip!