We know that the iPhone has had a pretty big impact since it launched, but we haven’t really seen the details of the impact it has made on the public. A recent article over at the Apple Blog on Fortune’s site discussed findings from a survey that was conducted where 460 iPhone users in the United States were randomly selected and then surveyed over the use of their iPhone. There’s a very detailed report of findings that you’re free to go over if you’d like, however we’re going to take a look at just a few of several interesting facts to come from this survey:

  • Email is the #1 data function used on the iPhone (the reading of email, not writing)
  • 1/3 of iPhone users carry around a second phone
  • 1/4 of iPhone users say their phone is displacing a notebook computer
  • The iPhone leads people to change carriers
  • AT&T is making big bucks from the iPhone

First on the list is that email is the number one data function used on the iPhone.  Once you get the email set-up it’s easily accessible and convenient. More people use email on the iPhone than use text messaging which comes somewhat as a surprise given that about half of iPhone owners are under the age of 30 (we know how much the younger crowd uses text messaging!).

Second on the list is that 1/3 of iPhone users carry around a second phone. Our guess is that the iPhone is used for personal use while the second phone is for work purposes. We’ve talked before about how the iPhone is great for personal use, and up until recently, wasn’t the top choice for the corporate world.  Thanks to the changes Apple recently made by adding support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, the trend might be changing and perhaps users could get by with carrying only one phone in the future.

This next fact is really hard for us to believe – 1/4 of iPhone users say their phone is displacing a notebook computer. The report reads, “28% of iPhone users surveyed said strongly that they often carry their iPhone instead of a notebook computer.” Now we understand that the iPhone, Smartphones and BlackBerry’s are pretty amazing, but carrying it instead of a notebook just doesn’t seem right unless the only purpose for carrying the laptop was to check mail.

Two of the last facts we found interesting were that the iPhone leads people to change carriers, and AT&T is making big bucks from the iPhone. According to the survey, about half of iPhone users ended up changing carriers when they got the iPhone because as we know, here in the U.S. you have to subscribe to AT&T if you want an iPhone. This leads us to wonder how many of those people paid early termination fees? The result of all of these people changing carriers to get an iPhone on top of users that were already subscribed to AT&T is that AT&T is making big bucks.  The estimate is that their gross service revenue has increased by about $2 billion per year! And yes, that’s billion and not million.

To wrap this up, take a look at the graph below which shows how often people use their iPhone for different functions like listening to music, connecting to the Internet via WiFi, and more:


Thanks for the tip Omar!