iPod Updater Gives Some Hints At An iPhoneWhile Microsoft is preparing to release their first portable media player, the Zune, Apple is keeping to themselves at what we can expect from the “iPhone.” While details are still unknown there are people scrounging around for every little hint they can find.

Someone in the Apple Insider forums was digging their way through the firmware updater that was released for the iPod on June 28. When looking at the firmware with a hex editor he noticed a list of variables that seemingly reference an iPod phone: “kPhoneSignalStrength,” “clPhoneCallHistoryModel,” prPhoneSettingsMenu,” “prPhoneSettingsMenuView,” prPhoneEnableSetting” and “prPhoneMenuItem.” I mean really, what would a signal strength variable be used for in the current iPods?

It is pretty amazing what people can find but what really boggles my mind is why Apple would put this into the firmware update. If they were planning to release it soon then it would make sense but there has only been people hoping and guessing what to expect. Come on Apple just give us the details already!

News Source: Apple Insider