The iRobot is not only a the vacuum that we all know and love, but now it has a sister, the floor washer. The vacuum was a very popular seller and so they came out with a sequel to keep the sales going. The review from PC Magazine said that it will clean your floors better than a traditional mop and broom.  It is taller and wider than the vacuum is providing more power to get those pesky things scrubbed off of the floor.  The downside, and of course there is atleast one, is that it has to be cleaned after each use.  Well, some of you may say “We had to empty the vacuum as well”, but this is very different.  With this floor mopping robot you will have three to four removable parts that will have to be cleaned after each use.  Finally, if the $399 price tag doesn’t scare you away, then maybe the fact that you have to purchase the Clorox cleaning solution for it will.  The solution costs $17.99 for three 8oz. bottles and you have to use the Clorox brand because “others might ruin the product”.  If you have the time and the money then you should definitely give it a go!  Let us know how it works out!