Choose Mac or Windows There are a lot of Apple fans out there these days, and I have nothing against them. I don’t use any Apple products aside from the iPod, but I do think it is good that they are emerging successful in the computer market so that there is more competition. And good competition often means that the consumers win.

For those of you who put Apple up on a pedestal there is an article by PC World that you should read. Mike Elgan, the author of the article, lists off reasons he believes Apple is turning into Microsoft…despite being an Apple supporter himself.

I’m not going to quote his entire article because it is quite lengthy, but I thought I would pull out the interesting facts that he made regarding different areas of Apple.

–Apple as a Monopolist–

Microsoft was criticized for bundling Internet Explorer with Windows, yet Apple can bundle iTunes with the iPods and iPhone? Heck, you can’t even make a call on the iPhone without activating it through iTunes first. Not only that but Mac OS X, the iPhone, and the new iPod Touch all come pre-installed with Safari.

–Apple as a Copycat–

Microsoft has always been criticized for copying ideas from other companies, but Apple might not be as innocent as you think:

  • For more than a decade multitouch interfaces, similar to the iPhone’s, have been demonstrated.
  • Apple’s new iPod Touch now has built-in WiFi, yet both Microsoft’s Zune and SanDisk’s Sansa Connect MP3 players have had that feature for quite some time.

Of course Apple’s implementation of the features are much better than anything we’ve seen prior, but the fact of the matter is that many Apple fanboys shower praise on ideas that Apple didn’t even pioneer.

–Apple as a Bully–

Yes, Apple does its fair share of pushing people around. Recently NBC wanted to charge more for their television shows being offered on iTunes, and when Apple declined NBC announced that they were pulling out. The author of the article says that NBC will come crawling back to Apple after they realize that the only way to succeed in digital downloads is to have your content on iTunes.

I would also like to add one of my own thoughts to this as well. Microsoft has always made Windows an operating system that works on millions of different hardware configurations…even on the new Intel Mac’s. Apple, however, is very possessive over their operating system and require that you purchase one of their high-priced pieces of hardware if you want to run it. So while Windows may cost more to buy than Mac OS X, I don’t think that you can pickup a new Macbook for $500 like you can do for a Windows computer.

It probably sounds like I’m anti-Apple, but that’s not the case at all. As I previously said I love that Apple is providing some stiff competition for Microsoft because in the end the consumer will always benefit.I just thought that the PC World article was a real eye-opener by showing that the two companies may not be as different as you think.