As if the iPhone’s appearance at the Oscars didn’t give Apple enough celebrity exposure, it looks like there are yet more celebrities promoting Apple products, even unlikely ones. When I say unlikely, I’m referring to homemaking diva Martha Stewart who recently wrote an entry on her blog that sounded like it would have been word-for-word from the mouths of the Apple Public Relations department. She was talking about her new MacBook Air, but if I didn’t know better, I would have thought she was an Apple Spokeswoman.


Read the following statements from her blog and you’ll see what I mean:

I was so excited when my new MacBook Air arrived the other day.  When I opened the box and examined this laptop, I was amazed by how razor thin and how light it is – just .76 of an inch and only 3 pounds.  It has a full-size illuminated keyboard, which is terrific for working in a dimly lit car or on an airplane.  And I really love the trackpad, which works in much the same way as the Apple iPhone, giving you many more options by simply moving your fingers.

Sounds like a PR description, doesn’t it? Then she went on…

It’s a little difficult to photograph just how thin this MacBook Air is, but you can see for yourself by stopping at an Apple store or checking it out on line at

Yes, she actually linked to Finally she says…

The MacBook Air is truly a technological thing of beauty.  When it’s not traveling on the road with me, it looks great on my desk as you can see here.

The only part I did leave out was where she mentioned that her MacBook Air sits next to her HP laptop on her desk because “my assistants all seem to have different preferences (Mac. Vs. PC) and I like to give them both options when they need to do some work at my desk.” In an update to the blog she mentioned that she did know about Parallels which readers recommended that she use, and of course she included pictures of her computer complete with her blog pulled up in the browser.

And speaking of browser, some of you will be happy to know that Martha is a Firefox user, at least it appears that way if you look real close at the image…