Is Google Working On New Notebook Features?

Garret Rogers from Googling Google has found some code snippets that refer to experimental features in the newly released Google Notebook. The first experimental feature that Garret found was the implementation of gadgets into your Notebook. We are not quite sure how that will work but the gadgets available should be the same ones you can place on your Personalized Homepage.

Next, a snippet of code was found that would allow a user to upload an image or edit the HTML of a note in the Notebook. This would give users more control over how the notes appear which can be important for those who share their notes with the public.

Lastly, we might see some GMail integration with the Google Notebook. A code snippet was found that referenced “caribou” which was the codename for GMail before it reached the public. It wouldn’t surprise me to see another section in GMail designated for the Notebook. This would definitely increase the number of people who use the Notebook service and would make it easier for many to view their notes.

I am looking forward to see how Google can expand the Notebook service and what other services they can integrate it with.

News Source: Googling Google