Is It Really Possible To Make A Mac Tablet

If you have some money sitting around then maybe you should put a bid in on the iTablet — A Mac Tablet! All the news articles are unsure of how true this item really is but we’ll never find out unless someone steps up to give it a shot. The iTablet that you would receive from the auction has not been built yet but for each one that sells they will build it for you. It is a limited edition also because they only have plans on manufacturing 100 of these babies. Every time that Apple releases a new iBook then they will sell another 100 of these. Sounds interesting and would be cool if there was some truth to the auction. We will have to watch for eBay feedback from the winner (assuming that the winner isn’t the creator, which we might also never know)!

View The eBay Auction
News Source: BetaNews