Optimus Keyboard

As if the Optimus keyboard wasn’t already running into enough barriers, the Optimus blog just wrote about another huge problem:

Our OLED manufacturer has some serious financial troubles and is not able to deliver displays at all. That is really bad, because we have to search for a new factory and spend some three months making new OLEDs.

Pre-orders for the $1,490 keyboard are supposed to be starting in April and the keyboard is supposed to ship in December. They said that they are able to continue with other portions of the process in hopes of staying on schedule, but this keyboard seems to be becoming more of a dream than reality.

Since they are forced to find a new manufacturer who knows what the result will be. They’re going to spend an extra three months developing the new OLED keys for the keyboard and I would predict the price to rise even more than the already hefty $1,490.

So does all of this mean that it is still too soon for such technology to be implemented in a keyboard? One thing that worries me about the success of this keyboard is that a company, such as Logitech, could easily step up and produce a similar product faster and probably cheaper since they have the money to toss around and the engineers to develop it.

I wish them the best of luck, but I think we’ll be seeing the Optimus keyboard in the Vaporware Awards again this year as Ashley previously pointed out.

Source: Optimus Blog [via Engadget]