Michael Jordan Etch A Sketch It is always amazing seeing people sit there with an Etch A Sketch and “draw” out realistic images such as the one to the right of Michael Jordan. It takes out a lot of skill, coordination, and most of all creativity. Just checkout this gallery of a few things that have been drawn on the Etch A Sketch to see what I’m talking about. There are even tips on how to become a professional!

We’re moving away from the pen/paper and Etch A Sketch age to one that is more technologically inclined. So now it is time to watch people make unbelievably realistic images on the computer. We’ve all seen what they can do in the movies with the tools that are available but what if all you had to use was Microsoft Paint? What can you do with a piece of software that just lets you draw lines and fill in colors? By the time you finish watching the following video, I think you’ll be wondering what you can’t do with Microsoft Paint. If you want to spoil the fun and don’t want to see the creation process, just click here to view a screenshot of the final image…but after seeing that you’re gonna want to know how that thing was made in Paint. I’m guessing that a Tablet PC of some sort was used and that this wasn’t the primary work of a mouse and keyboard…still amazing though.