The release of Firefox 3 is expected to be later this year, and with it will come new features and possibly even a new look. The user interface just got revamped last fall for the release of Firefox 2, so are Firefox users ready for another change?

I’m a huge advocate for change and never get tired of seeing something new, but what about all of the people who like to keep things the same? I guess they can just stick with the older versions of the browser, but I think that Mozilla needs to make sure that they don’t lose focus of the simplicity that people often associate with Firefox.

With that being said, below are some mockup images for what Firefox 3 might include later this year when it is released. I’m excited to see the tagging system make its way into the bookmarks, and I can’t wait to see how close the final product stacks up to these mockups.

  • Bookmarks and Tagging
    I already gave you a glimpse of what Mozilla was tossing around for a bookmarking system that also supports tagging, but this is a new look that is a little more extensive. I think that I would agree with everything that is implemented in this screenshot.
    Firefox 3 Places Tagging
  • Saved Searches and Bookmarks Sidebar
    With the new bookmark system comes a new sidebar. One that is complete with Saved Searches feature, which can be used to provide one-click access to any search or to common items like "Recently used Bookmarks." Seeing that I’m a sidebar freak, I give this ten-thumbs up (well, if I had that many thumbs)!
    Firefox 3 Sidebar
  • New Malware Warning
    If the previous method for notifying you of a suspicious website didn’t work so well, then this is sure to catch your attention:
    Firefox 3 Malware
  • New Program Handler
    A huge thumbs up for this one! Firefox will list all available programs that are compatible with what you’re downloading. So say you’re opening an iCal file, which is used to subscribe to an online calendar, it will ask what program/service you want to use with it.
    Firefox 3 Open Manager
  • Visually Enhanced Domain Name
    I think this might be good for the sake of security, but some people will definitely want to disable it. Removing the website icon from the address bar is a big no no though.
    Firefox 3 Location Bar
  • Private Browsing
    This is a cool feature for those who use other people’s computers, because in one-click it will prevent Firefox from storing their information. So now they are looking at ways to notify users that they are in a private browsing state, but I think the second option might be a little too drastic?
    Firefox 3 Private Browsing Firefox 3 Private Browsing
  • Judging by the comments on the article there are a lot of people excited about the new release. However, there are also a few individuals concerned with Mozilla losing site of simplicity. In my opinion Mozilla is just enhancing the things that they already offer in Firefox. Sure there will be some new things added, in this release it is Places, but aside from that Mozilla is just making existing features more usable.

    The thing that I’m most excited about, as I previously mentioned, is the new system for managing bookmarks. It seems like it will be quite powerful with the incorporated tagging system, which will make it easier for extension developers to create things that interact with services like and Google Bookmarks.

    Keep your eyes peeled, because there is a lot of cool stuff coming our way in the name of progress!

    Thanks to Claus and Jack of all Trades