Firefox If you read CyberNet News, you’ve most definitely heard of Firefox, the web browser. We like it, and our readers seem to like it. So aside from all of the releases, and extensions, have you ever put much thought into the logo? At first glance, you probably think it’s a fox, on fire around a globe, right? That was my first thought, however, is that what is really pictured?

Red Panda

Firefox’s official name and logo ins’t a Fox, it’s a ‘Red Panda.’ Surprised? Literally translated, The Red Panda in Latin is ‘fire-colored cat.’ The Chinese name for Red Panda is ??? which means small panda. It was originally classified in the raccoon family, however now experts are classifying it as being a member of the bear family. At,they mentioned adopting a red panda at a zoo and putting up a poster that said something like ‘this exhibit sponsored by the Mozilla Foundation, developers of the popular open source Firefox web browser.’ Afterall, they have borrowed the name. So while what’s pictured on the logo really is a fox with its’ tail on fire, it should be a Red Panda pictured which literally translated means ‘firefox.’