We all like to know what the future has in store for technology, and I came across a video that demonstrates what Microsoft has planned for real-time collaboration. With services like Google Docs that support collaboration, there is no doubt that this will only become more advanced as time goes on.

Here’s the video demonstration (6 minutes and 44 seconds long):

Microsoft 2010The movie was actually produced in 2005 to showcase what Windows could be like in 2010. Now that we are 2–years later it is tough to imagine that collaboration will have advanced that far, but I guess the future of Windows is really in Microsoft’s hands.

There were really two things that I found interesting in the elaborate demonstration that they put together. Both are pictured to the right, and the top one confirms what people thought Microsoft would be going towards…pie menus! Those are menus that popup when you click on the screen, and they offer all of the available options in a circular fashion. It is a lot nicer having everything located immediately surrounding your cursor instead of having to move the mouse a long ways in order to find the option you’re looking for.

The bottom screenshot looks to be what our future desktop could look like, and unless it is hidden I don’t see a Start Menu/Taskbar. Of course this is just a mockup so I’m sure it is missing a lot of the functionality and features that Windows would actually have.

I’ve learned to take these demos with a grain of salt though after what Vista should have been:

Source: I Started Something