It Is Time To Get Your Flock On!

Flock has released the Beta version of their Firefox-based Web browser. Flock is based off of Firefox and there are many Firefox extensions that have been made compatible with Flock. The greatest thing about Flock is that they have went above and beyond to extend the features of Firefox without the need for extensions.

Bookmarking is made simple because they have integration with social bookmarking sites and Shadows. This makes it simpler for people to access their bookmarks no matter where you are.

Bloggers will also find this new browser quite useful because of the built-in blogging features. Image uploads can be done using two of the currently supported free photo sites: Photobucket and Flickr.

And for the grand finale…a built-in RSS reader. This is a great idea and I always thought that I had wanted a web browser that had a built-in RSS reader. I realized that I didn’t want it when I used Opera 9 for awhile. It got frustrating when I was on other computers and didn’t have access to my feeds.

Flock is getting a lot of attention with this release. Just like how Google teamed up with Firefox it looks like Yahoo is teaming up with Flock. Don’t worry, you can change your default search to the search engine that you desire!

Remember, this is only Beta software so it might not run as smooth as you would like it to. However, I am sure they will be ironing out the kinks with their $10 million in financing that they reportedly received from Shasta Ventures.

Download Flock Beta
News Source: TechCrunch