At 1:46 AM today, Hulu launched to everybody in the United States after 18 weeks of private beta testing. Many of you have already been enjoying Hulu as one of their beta testers and so for you, this is no big deal. But to the thousands upon thousands of people who are just now hearing about this new way to watch TV shows and over 100 full-length movies for free, it is a big deal. At this point the service isn’t perfect, but it is a great way to catch up on shows that you may have missed.

As mentioned, at this point it’s available only to those living in the United States. This is obviously one of the huge downsides with people Internationally showing interest in the service.  So far there’s been no word from Hulu on if or when they intend to make this service available to those in other countries. Another thing that some see as a downside is that the shows aren’t available for download.

hulu launch

Content on Hulu comes from providers like Fox, NBC, MGM, Sony Pictures, Warner Bothers, Lionsgate, and more. In all, there are over fifty different providers which NewTeeVee lists. The shows and movies that they provide aren’t exactly high quality, but they’re not poor quality either.  To make money, ads are displayed for several seconds throughout the show. The one ad I remember seeing when using the service was from Nissan, but other advertising partners include Best Buy, Intel, State Farm, DirecTV, and Chilis.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with what Hulu offers. I think they have a great thing going here and it’ll be interesting to see if they’re able to succeed. Now that they’re open to the public, hopefully they’ll be able to keep up with the demand because there are already reports that the site is going a little slow today.

Source: Hulu Blog