It's Official Now! Get The Portable Firefox 2 Alpha 1 Here

Unfortunately I had just went to sleep last night when this was released…so I know it has been out for 9 hours but here is the Portable version of Firefox 2 Alpha 1 that I promised. I have received a lot of emails requesting that I update the Portable version to the Official Release so I decided to do it.

All you have to do is download the Portable Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 file below. Then you unzip the file and browse for the file PortableFirefox.exe. Just execute that file and you will be running Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1! The profile is kept with the PortableFirefox folder so you don’t have to worry about messing up your other profile and the uninstallation process is simple…just delete the folder!

I haven’t been able to use this Portable version very long so I am not sure how well it will run. The people that will find it the most useful are those that are just looking to see what it looks like and don’t plan on using it on a regular basis. I don’t see any differences from the Tinderbox build that I posted last week other than the branding that was done to this build.

Here is the list of changes:

  • Changes to tabbed browsing behavior
  • New data storage layer for bookmarks and history (using SQLlite)
  • Extended search plugin format
  • Updates to the extension system to provide enhanced security and to allow for easier localization of extensions
  • Support for SVG text using svg:textPath
  • List of notable bug fixes

NOTE: I am hosting these files off of a private account, so please do not hotlink directly to the files.

Portable Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 Download
Portable Firefox Download
News Source: Firefox 2 Alpha 1 Homepage

Windows – Bon Echo Setup Alpha 1.exe
Linux – bonecho-alpha1.tar.gz
Mac – Bon Echo Alpha 1.dmg

Portable Firefox 1.5 Homepage