It is official, Zooomr is Live! The launch of Zooomr 2.0 was set back a few days due to a DOS attack which we reported about on Saturday. They battled the attack and stated that they expected that “this attack will only make us better, stronger, and more evasive to attacks and ill-willed individuals.” With that behind them, they have launched Zooomr 2.0!

If you haven’t checked out Zooomr already, go take a peak. They describe it as a way to explore the information inside of photos. One example of exploring the info inside of a photo is their “Geo Tagged” feature. The geo tagged feature allows you to tag a photo with a very specific geographic location. There are lots of other great elements to Zooomr that gives users the chance to “Experieince The World Through Photos” as their motto states.

The guys over at Zooomr have done a great job of communicating and interacting with the blogging community. Each time we’ve written about Zooomr we’ve had a visit from Kristopher Tate leaving a comment. It’s obvious they’ve put a lot of work into this release and have done a good job keeping the public informed. Congrats to Zooomr!