Apple apparently likes to do whatever it can to push its applications and services onto as many Windows users as it can. A good example of this is when trying to download QuickTime where you are required to install iTunes as well. Similarly Apple recently pushed Safari onto Windows users as an “update” regardless of whether it was previously installed.

They are at it again, but this time with their rebranded .Mac service called MobileMe. If you want to use MobileMe on your Windows PC to sync email, contacts, and more you’ll need to have iTunes 7.7 installed. What’s the big deal? It turns out that MobileMe ships with every iTunes 7.7 download, and by installing the latest version of the media player Windows users will see a new MobileMe Preferences icon added to their Control Panel:

itunes installs mobilme-1.png

Most people will probably never venture into the Control Panel to see the added icon, but as Apple demonstrates anyone using MobileMe on Windows is required to have iTunes 7.7 in order to get the needed functionality. So if you just want iTunes you’ll also get MobileMe, and vice versa.

Man, they sure know how to push stuff onto people. I’m surprised they don’t just bundle Safari, QuickTime, and iTunes together into one big package. In Apple’s defense Microsoft does do something similar with their Windows Live Services. When trying to install only Live Writer or Live Photo Gallery you also have to install the Sign-in Assistant, which isn’t required for the apps to work properly.

[via BetaNews]