It appears as though movie rentals from iTunes are on the way! This is one of those things that just makes sense for Apple to do. They already sell movies on iTunes, and they sell Apple TV which they promote as "iTunes to Apple TV, wire free," so why not rent movies to make Apple TV and their iPods capable of playing movies that much more appealing?

The image below is what you’ll see if you were to use iTunes problem reporting system, and this is where Apple slipped-up to reveal movie rentals. All you have to do is view your account purchase history, click to report a problem, and then click on a purchase that you made and you’ll notice all of the problems you could report for renting a movie like "did not receive," "accidental purchase," "duplicate purchase," "wrong version," and "Bad Metadata."

itunes rent a movie

I’d also assume that Apple would rent movies that are formatted appropriately for iPods, especially with their new line-up of iPods capable of watching movies. This would definitely be a good move for Apple because many people, including myself, prefer to rent movies instead of buy them. And if Apple could offer some type of subscription service like what Netflix or Blockbuster are able to offer, well then it’s just icing on the cake!