SteveandbillIf by chance you’d like to watch the entire Bill Gates/Steve Jobs D5 interview without watching it in segments as previously offered, Apple has made the interview available via an iTunes download.

When I downloaded the interview, it took me about 35 minutes.  The connection seemed fast, so it shouldn’t take you too long if you’re on a broadband connection.  A sit-down public interview with the two of them together is a rare thing. They have a rather large influence over the tech industry, and because this doesn’t happen often, I think it’s worth the download.

You must have iTunes installed to be able to download the video or audio podcast. If you have it installed, you can click this link for the download. Oh, and did I mention it is free? Yep, a free 997 MB download from iTunes.

I think one of my favorite parts of the entire interview is the prologue with the Apple Dating Game Show in October of 1983. Both Gates and Jobs looked so young, and so geeky.

Source: TUAW