iTunes five billion milestone.pngApple has good reason to celebrate today after iTunes reached its five billion songs sold milestone. Five billion songs is a lot if you think about it. To put it into perspective, here are a few examples involving the number five billion…

  • Five billion seconds translates out to about 158.5 years
  • Five billion minutes translates out to about 9,505 years
  • Five billion feet translates out to about 946,969 miles
  • Five billion pints translates out to about 625,000,000 gallons
  • As of June 2008, the world’s population is estimated to be just under 6.7 billion, which means the number of songs downloaded from iTunes isn’t THAT far off from the World’s population

What’s interesting to note is that in early 2008, over 4 billion songs had been sold when they were celebrating their 5th birthday. If they’ve already reached over five billion, they’ve experienced quite a bit of growth over the last several months.

Aside from celebrating the five billion songs milestone, Apple is also celebrating the fact that they rent and sell over 50,000 movies each day. Clearly they sell more songs than they do movies, but that’ an area where there is plenty of room to grow. We have yet to try out iTunes for renting or buying movies, but those who do seem to be satisfied.

Congrats to Apple and iTunes. 7 years ago when iTunes first launched, who would have thought that it would have become so popular? Five Billion is definitely a big milestone and helps explain why it is that they are the largest music retailer in the United States.

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