Jack Slocum became pretty popular when he built a WordPress comment system that was unlike any others you might have seen. The concept behind the comment system was to let users leave comments almost anywhere they would like on a post, instead of just at the end.

It basically divides a post up into “blocks” where each paragraph is considered to be a block. Users can then leave comments for that block by simply clicking anywhere in the thin sidebar, and doing so will popup with a window for you to leave a comment.

Jack Slocum

While it was cool playing with it on Jack Slocum’s site, there wasn’t an easy way for WordPress users to implement the comment system themselves. Now, however, PHPVoid has created a WordPress plugin that lets you add the comment system onto your site in no time at all. You’ll just need to download and install the plugin along with modifying a little bit of the code on the site.

Personally I think the comment system is a cool concept, but if I were trying to read through a lot of comments it would probably get annoying. So you won’t be seeing this implemented on our site, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good system for your own site.

P.S. We are, however, working on revamping our site with a brand new look as well as some new features that have been requested. One of those features is a nested comment system so that users can easily reply to other users comments. This is just one of the many things that will be great in our biggest update ever, which should be coming in the next month or two!

Thanks for the tip Kassad!