jailbreak stats-1.png

If you have an iPhone there is no doubt that you’ve at least heard of the iPhone Dev-Team. They are the ones that are behind most of the iPhone jailbreaks and unlocks out there, and continue to deliver with each major release that Apple puts out. As of April 30th the team says that there have been over 9.8 million installs of ultrasn0w, which is the most recent unlock solution that can make the iPhone work on other carriers.

If you follow their Twitter account you may have seen some of the postings they made about their visitor stats going from January 2008 all the way up to present day. The screenshot above is from their Google Analytics account, and shows off their 56.3 million visits, 22.3 unique visitors, and 93.7 million pageviews. What I thought was cool was the graph showing the gradual increase of traffic as well as the spikes. Some of the surges in traffic can be related to Apple product releases, such as the iPhone 3GS in June 2009 (the largest spike) and the 3rd generation iPod Touch released in September 2009 (the following spike).

The team also broke down some other stats from their site…

Top browsers:

  1. Safari
  2. Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer
  4. Chrome
  5. Opera

Top visiting countries:

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Canada
  5. France

Countries with the lowest number of visits: