JAlbum Gallery JAlbum is a free cross-platform program that I’ve been using for years, and before I got my Flickr account it was my only way to share digital photos with my family. I had a computer at my house being used to serve up the photos to anyone that requested them, but Flickr was too great of a deal to pass up.

The great thing is that there are more than a hundred skins available that have been created by talented designers. I always preferred the PhotoDawg skin, but the decision was always tough because several of the alternatives were pretty amazing.

Now JAlbum is trying to kick things up a notch by launching their own photo hosting solution. I was pretty excited when I first heard about this, but sadly the plans are pretty restrictive for the price that you pay:

  • Free: 30MB storage, 2GB bandwidth
  • Premium (€20/year = $29/year): 1GB storage, 10GB bandwidth
  • Power User (€100/year = $143/year): 10GB storage, 100GB bandwidth

With Flickr I get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a lot of advanced privacy options all for a mere $25 per year. As you can see JAlbum is not nearly the bargain that Flickr is, but then again with JAlbum you can customize the skin used for displaying your photos.

If you really found yourself wanting to use JAlbum I would just pick up a cheap hosting plan that costs between $4 and $6 per month, in which you would just as easily be able to upload your photos. Sites like Go Daddy offer hosting packages with 100GB of storage and 1,000 GB of bandwidth as low as $6 per month. That comes out to be about half of what JAlbum is charging, and I’m sure you could find cheaper if you look around.

To summarize the JAlbum software still rocks for anyone looking to create a more customized photo gallery, but their hosting plans definitely need to become more affordable.

Source: Mashable