The launch of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in Japan received the results that many were expecting…very low results! Some analysts are saying the the United States launch received much larger attention than the Japan launch did, which is typically reversed. Where is Microsoft going to go next with the Xbox 360? Hopefully somewhere people will want them and won’t have any issues with them. Current issues with the Xbox 360 include frequent crashes to scratched games. The Xbox will restart in the middle of a game or even during online game play. Some gamers have said that the power supply getting overheated is the cause of the crashes and a method to keep it more cool is needed. Beware of moving your Xbox as well because if you have a game in the system and you move your Xbox, chances are the game inside the system will get scratched. Microsoft’s only solution to the games getting scratched is not replacing the game with the same title, instead replacing the game with Perfect Dark! How many Perfect Dark’s do you need though?