Jedi Concentrate WPM

We mentioned the Jedi Concentrate application a few days ago from the App-A-Day blog and it is a really clever concept. It lets you dim everything except for the current application that you have open so that you can focus on it a little better. Someone decided to take it a step further by combining it with the Words Per Minute (WPM) program that App-A-Day also created.

By bringing those two together the new program will automatically dim the background as soon as you are typing more than 40 words per minute. It is pretty cool but I think a lot of people probably don’t type that fast and if you constantly pause while you type then it could get annoying. I think that once you hit the 40 words per minute it should lock-in the setting until the user disables it. Otherwise it starts to feel like you are on a website with one of those annoying flashing ad banners.

Don’t hesitate to download and try the program because there is no installation required. You simply extract the ZIP file and run the program…and if you don’t like it you can delete it with no harm done.

Download Jedi Concentrate WPM
News Source: App-A-Day Blog