System Administrator Looking for a good laugh today? I wasn’t until I came across two sites that are just hilarious. The second one that I’ll mention is a little funnier than the first but they are both sure to give you a chuckle.

The first one comes from a Google Blogger employee who noticed some common phrases in the code that people wrote. He used the Google Code Search to pull up the results and here are my favorites:

The second site is a list of 101 things that you do not want your System Administrator to say (well, the list only has 97 things so it is short 4 :) ). Picture yourself as an employee that is hearing some of these:

  • What software license?
  • What do you mean that wasn’t a copy?
  • Where’s the GUI on this thing?
  • Damn, and I just bought that pop…
  • The drive ate the tape but that’s OK, I brought my screwdriver.
  • What’s this “any” key I’m supposed to press?
  • Do you smell something?
  • I have never seen it do *that* before…
  • What do you mean you needed that directory?
  • Oracle will be down until 8pm, but you can come back in and finish your work when it comes up tonight.
  • Wonder what this command does?
  • You did what to the floppy???
  • What do you mean that could take down the whole network?
  • The backup procedure works fine, but the restore is tricky!
  • It is only a minor upgrade, the system should be back up in a few hours. (This is said on a Monday afternoon.)
  • I think we can plug just one more thing in to this outlet strip with out tripping the breaker.
  • What do mean by “fired”?
  • now it’s funny you should ask that, because I don’t know either
  • We prefer not to change the root password, it’s an nice easy one

There is nothing like a good laugh on a Monday…that’s what helps the week go by faster. :)

Both of these were found via Digg (here and here)

P.S. Sorry about the picture…I just couldn’t help myself when I saw it on this site which is also sure to give you a laugh.