Joost Deal Plans

Unfortunately Joost had to find out the hard way today that converting a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF is not always a good idea. Joost apparently released a presentation called “Joost-network.pdf” that discusses Joost’s Network Architecture and gives an overview of how they work. The link to the PDF was even found in Joost’s very own forum.

The interesting thing is on page 16 of the PDF where there is some hidden text located behind a PowerPoint slide. Of course, all text (even if covered by an image) is always selectable in Acrobat as you can see in the screenshot above. So what’s all the hidden text?

It appears that it is a list of deals that they are pushing to close as of March 15. The list is broken up into several categories including: Animation, Comedy, Documentaries, Entertainment, Film, Lifestyle, Music, News, and Sports. In all, there are 61 companies listed which includes: Oxygen, Sony, Warner Brothers, and EMI. I know I know, you want to see the whole list. Well, it is quite long so I just stored it as an image and shrunk it down:


Mashable was the first to find out about this hidden list, and they said that it could be possible that it was edited by a third party. They said that probably isn’t very likely though.

There is more hidden information on other slides as well:

  • Slide 3 contains general information
  • Slide 6 contains information about “the current situation” which covers their existing deals.
  • Slide 8 contains information on “3–month Priorities: Overall”
  • Slide 9 contains information on “3–month Priorities: UK”
  • Slide 10 contains information on “3–month Priorities: USA”
  • Slide 12 contains information on “3–month Priorities: Music”
  • Slide 13 contains information on “3–month Priorities: Sports”
  • Slide 18 says “And finally…some info on the Viacom Deal” but doesn’t really have anything else.

You can download the Joost-network PDF yourself to uncover the rest of the information, and I recommend using Adobe Acrobat to view the PDF because it didn’t want to work with Foxit. After you have it open just select the cursor tool, and press Ctrl+A on each slide to highlight the text. Then copy it into another program such as Microsoft Word.

So what do you think about the possible partnerships, do they have some on there that would be exciting to see? Are there some that should still be added to the list?