joost logo.pngIt’s been a while since we’ve heard any significant news from Joost. They launched into an invite only beta back in early 2007 and made quite the stir with everybody eager to get their hands on an invite. Since then, not a whole lot has been said. While there was a demand for invites at launch, the masses weren’t impressed with the service. Some of the complaints we heard and experienced first hand included an unimpressive selection of channels and the simple fact that it is desktop based and the software is sluggish.

These days, lots of companies are focused on offering web based services, so why wouldn’t Joost? According to TechCrunch, Joost is about to ditch the desktop based software and move to an online based service. A small browser plugin is all that users would need to be able to watch TV and video through the service. All we have to say is hallelujah! Now the thing is, they had a pretty nice interface with the desktop software, so hopefully that will be something offered with the web based version as well.

Of course we also know that content is what matters at the end of the day with any TV/video service, so hopefully Joost will be able to continue to add the content that people will want to see. It has definitely improved since launch, but there is still room for improvement. Overall we see this move as only a good thing for Joost. People like the convenience of having access to their favorite services online instead of relying on a desktop application. We don’t know exactly when this change will take place, but it should be soon.