JoostThe time has finally come for Joost to open its doors, well, kind of. The video sharing service is still in the Beta stage, but they have made the effort to launch their service and give all current users unlimited invites. So you still have to pester your cousin’s aunt’s nephew’s uncle to send you one of the invites!

We were pretty excited because we thought that we could finally give all of our readers invites, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. When we pulled up Joost and looked at the invitation section we noticed that it still only gave us 5 invites (as seen in the screenshot to the right). We were wondering what would happen if we got down to 0 so we sent all of them out real quick, and then it wouldn’t let us send anymore! Apparently the unlimited invites haven’t been rolled out to everyone yet.

We were using version 0.92 of Joost so we also tried upgrading to 0.94, but that didn’t help the effort to get our unlimited invites. From the Digg submission we did find two other sites that are apparently giving away invites to anyone who comments:

As our last Joost post revealed, users aren’t really impressed with the content that Joost has right now. That doesn’t seem to stop people from wanting the invites though because everyone likes to say they are part of an invite-only project. Never underestimate the power of an invitation!

Source: MacNN

Thanks for the tip Nathan!