Remember back in April when having a Joost invitation in your hands was reason for envy by those who didn’t? The launch of their private beta back then was extremely popular as everybody wanted to get the chance to give it a try. With over 15,000 TV shows and 250 channels, Joost is finally ready to step out into the public with today’s release of the Beta 1.0 version. No invitation is required, and now everybody can experience a new way to watch TV online… Joost style.

Unfortunately, I think their private beta went on for way too long and the excitement over trying it has largely faded away. Many of us who have already experienced Joost have lost interest in it for a variety of reasons whether it be the lack of content (although it appears as though they might have partially solved this issue), no real use for it, or any other reason. I tried it, but never felt compelled to go back. And even with the latest launch and improvements, I still don’t feel the need to go try it again.

joost public beta

According to NewTeeVee who sat down with the CEO of Joost Mike Volpi, they’ve already raised $45 million and they’ve got over 130 employees scattered across several different cities. From the sounds of it, they’ve got big plans of making Joost the next big thing with the help of developers to create widgets and add-ons using the Joost API.

If by chance you weren’t able to get an invitation to tryout the private beta, just head on over to  They’ve got a newly designed site, and of course from there you can freely download Joost without an invitation.

Source: Thanks for the tip S!