Computer Virus

We’ve been contacted by a few of our readers today letting us know that our website is being identified as containing a JS/SNZ.A virus. Don’t worry, we haven’t been infected with a virus.

As it turns out some antivirus applications, such as CA’s eTrust and ZoneAlarm, have been falsely identifying several JavaScript files as a virus. The two common JavaScript files that will trigger the alert are jQuery and MooTools. We use jQuery all over our website for providing AJAX features, and that’s therefore the culprit of the JS/SNZ.A virus warning that you might be receiving.

The update that has the issue is version 31.3.5417 and was just released today. Some users are reporting that the virus alert only appears if websites use the compressed versions of the JavaScript files, and that replacing the compressed version with the full-size might solve the issue. It’s probably not worth the trouble because I would assume that CA will correct the issue rather quickly.

[via The Register]